Purely a volunteer-based organization, The Dreamers Company is a grassroots nonprofit that has several community-based initiatives including “Play Washington” and “Block by Block” that focus on neighborhood revitalization in the City of Washington. To support these initiatives, volunteers, predominantly local high school students, work on the targeted projects and areas in the city. As their website notes, over 21,000 volunteer hours have been invested in rehabilitating 60 homes and beautifying 2 city playgrounds since 2014. Organizational partners on these projects have included Washington Citywide Development Corporation (CDC), Blueprints, the City of Washington and RACW.

The Dreamers Company’s, as a reflection of their name, idealistic approach hopes to inspire neighboring home owners and improve neighborhood morale while leveraging community partnerships and resources. With the goal to improve the neighborhood look and feel, The Dreamers Company’s “Block by Block” program aims to identify and tackle property rehabilitation one by one which can involve simple projects like painting and landscaping up to full home rehabilitation of vacant homes, depending on its condition. As part of the Block by Block initiative, The Dreamers Company has recently purchased 530 Jefferson Avenue with the assistance of the Washington County Land Bank. Built in 1900, 530 Jefferson Avenue boasts a Victorian two-story structure of approximately 1,800 square feet that may currently have a diminished grandeur on the outside, but whose personality still shines on the inside as many original features remain. 530 Jefferson Avenue’s beauty and progress can be seen on The Dreamers Company’s YouTube channel “Rehab Collab”. They want to provide affordable housing by selling 530 Jefferson Avenue at cost- meaning if they put $75,000 into the house, for example, they will sell the house at $75,000.

If you are interested in volunteering or contributing in any way, please reach out to board member Todd Ashmore at tsashmore@comcast.net. Don’t forget to follow The Dreamers Company Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram for progress updates!

"Before" 530 Jefferson Ave