Crest Avenue Apartments has recently benefitted from a replacement of almost 300 new windows, an upgrade made possible by the CARES Act Community Development Block Grant (CDBG-CV) funds. A $659,000 project and a massive coordination effort, the project was originally scheduled to take place over 3 months. Along with the RACW Housing Department Team, Kulak-George Architects LLC and Maxim Construction were able to wrap the project up 6 weeks after the construction start date of January 30th.

This project was predominantly managed by RACW’s Don Campbell, Crest Avenue Apartments Building Superintendent, Tammy Mayton, Housing Facilities Coordinator, and Janelle Yamber, Senior Housing Director. RACW would like to thank everyone for their cooperation, patience, and help during the construction period.

The windows had last been replaced in 1995 during the renovation of the complex. Crest Avenue Apartments was originally Crest Avenue Elementary School. After the elementary school’s closure, RACW bought the facility in 1994 and renovated it for elderly housing. Some of Crest Avenue Apartments’ residents have fondly remembered their days as a student of the school.

Crest Avenue Apartments has 42 low income, elderly housing units located in Charleroi, PA. For more information about the facility, please click here.