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St Thomas Episcopal Church Donates Paper Products

On June 10, 2020, St Thomas Episcopal Church of Canonsburg delivered hand decorated bags for each resident that contained paper products (tissues and toilet paper) and a decorative door hanger. 

Burgettstown Apartments Supportive Services Coordinator Recognized

Karen Bodosky received a “Caught in the ACT” commendation from PHFA for her kind acts and dedication to the residents of Burgettstown Apartments. Between March 24 and May 1, Karen provided meals, snacks and words of encouragement to 23 residents. 

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Pasta Meals Provided at Century Plaza Apartments, Claysville Apartments and Claysville Patio Homes

On May 20, 2020, residents of Century Plaza, Claysville Apartments and Claysville Patio Homes were treated to pasta meals donated by Crown Castle. Staff from the Redevelopment Authority, American Healthcare and the Salvation Army assisted with distribution.

Char House Residents Receive Meal Donation

On Friday, May 15 2020, Char House staff distributed meals donated by Fourth Street Barbeque Food Company in Charleroi, PA. 

Bring the Sunshine!

   Buddy the turtle has been taking advantage of the warm days by sunbathing at the pond.

Pets Make Everything Brighter

Mark Pinardi, Building Superintendent at Liberty Tower Highrise, shared these gorgeous photos of Buddy, his red-eared slider turtle and the Koi pond  that he calls home during warm months. 

Burgettstown Apartments Residents Receive Meals

On April 16, 2020, employees and volunteers came together to assemble and deliver meals for the residents of Burgettstown Apartments.


Canon House Staff Receives Thank You Card

Residents of Canon House Highrise recently gifted the staff with this amusing note of thanks.


Families of Canon Apartments Residents Show Their Appreciation During COVID-19 Crisis

Canon Apartments Thank You