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Staff Listing

William R. McGowen,  Executive Director

Cynthia B. Kotowski, Assistant Executive Director

Office Staff

Staff Member, Position



Nelia Cook, Assistant Housing Director nelia.cook@racw.net 213
Kate Cutrara, Finance Director kate.cutrara@racw.net 227

Vicki Dietrich, Assistant Office Manager 

vicki.dietrich@racw.net 211
Shannon Flannery, Community Development Associate shannon.flannery@racw.net 224
Todd Fleissner, Rehabilitation Specialist todd.fleissner@racw.net 216
Kerry Fox, Community Development Specialist kerry.fox@racw.net 222
Anna Gazi, Rehabilitation Specialist anna.gazi@racw.net 229
Bob Griffin, Economic Development Director bob.griffin@racw.net 234
Stacy Hirst, Secretary stacy.hirst@racw.net 210
Jim Hott, Housing Director jim.hott@racw.net 223
Cindy Linville, Home Improvement Director cindy.linville@racw.net 221
Janna Luton, Accountant janna.luton@racw.net 225
Tammy Mayton, Housing Specialist tammy.mayton@racw.net 237
Pam McCann, Assistant Accountant pam.mccann@racw.net 231
Thomas Moran, Rehabilitation Specialist thomas.moran@racw.net 214
Rob Phillips, Assistant Community Development Director rob.phillips@racw.net 220
Nathan Voytek, Community Development Specialist nathan.voytek@racw.net 228
Brenda Williamson, Community Development Senior Director brenda.williamson@racw.net 219
Janelle Yamber, Office and Personnel Manager janelle.yamber@racw.net 212

Housing Facilities Staff

Staff Member, Position Email Facility
Judy Bayer, Site Office Manager judy.bayer@racw.net Century Plaza Apartments
Donald Campbell, Building Superintendent donald.campbell@racw.net Crest Avenue Apartments
Nick Cross, Building Superintendent nick.cross@racw.net Century Plaza Apartments, Claysville Apartments & Patio Homes
Bill Dicks, Building Superintendent bill.dicks@racw.net Canon House Highrise
Karen Ehko, Site Office Manager karen.ehko@racw.net Crest Avenue Apartments & Canon Apartments
Frank Kovacicek, Building Superintendent frank.kovacicek@racw.net Century Plaza Apartments
Chris Haggerty, Building Superintendent chris.haggerty@racw.net Liberty Tower Highrise
Jack Holmes, Building Superintendent jack.holmes@racw.net Canon Apartments
Donetta Jungo, Site Office Manager donetta.jungo@racw.net Canon House Highrise
Corey Reynolds, Site Office Manager corey.reynolds@racw.net Burgettstown Apartments, Claysville Apartments & Claysville Patio Homes
Mark Pinardi, Building Superintendent mark.pinardi@racw.net Liberty Tower Highrise
Shawn Popson, Site Office Manager shawn.popson@racw.net Liberty Tower Highrise
Corey Reynolds, Assistant Site Manager corey.reynolds@racw.net Canon House Highrise, Char House Highrise & Liberty Tower Highrise
Kathy Rigby, Site Office Manager kathy.rigby@racw.net Char House Highrise
Bob Scott, Building Superintendent robert.scott@racw.net Canon House Highrise
Ralph Stasko, Building Superintendent ralph.stasko@racw.net Char House Highrise
Randy Tunney, Building Superintendent  randy.tunney@racw.net Char House Highrise
Gary Watson, Building Superintendent gary.watson@racw.net Century Plaza Apartments
Edward Wiltrout, Building Superintendent ed.wiltrout@racw.net Burgettstown Apartments

Airport Staff

Staff Member, Position Email  
Brian Crispin, Airport Maintenance Superintendent  brian.crispin@racw.net