On May 10th, the Montour Trail Council held a ribbon cutting for the reopening of the Greer Tunnel. The tunnel was created in 1913 by the Montour Railroad and serviced the railroad until the 1980s. Opened for trail use in 2008, the tunnel provides the connection between the Peters Township and Cecil Township areas of the trail. The ceiling of the tunnel began to deteriorate to the point of needing to shield trail goers from falling debris which spurred the tunnel renovations. Major construction was completed in Fall 2023 with the final work wrapping up in Spring 2024.

The Redevelopment Authority is proud to have contributed to the tunnel reopening through the administration of $241,027 of Local Share Account (LSA) funds by RACW’s Community Development Specialist, Kerry Fox which was part of the $1 million tunnel renovation project. RACW has also helped administer a total of over $1.9 million of LSA funds to the development and maintenance of the Montour Trail. RACW is grateful to the members of Montour Trail Council for their partnership on the project, and in particular, former Council President Ned Williams’ assistance who was the primary point of contact throughout most of the many Montour Trail LSA projects.

The Montour Trail is a rail trail whose main line is 47 miles long with 56 miles of branch trails. More information about the Montour Trail can be found on their website.

State, County, Local, and Montour Trail Council representatives gather to celebrate the reopening of the Greer Tunnel.