Canon Apartments' Roof

Crest Avenue Apartments

Partially funded by two PHARE grants of $210,000 per building, Canon Apartments in Canonsburg and Crest Avenue Apartments in Charleroi recently received brand new roofs. The roofs were nearing 30 years old each with the buildings’ structures making it difficult for staff to ascertain where leaks were coming from when they occurred.

The Canon and Crest Roof Replacement Project Nos. PH 21-04 and PH 21-03 was awarded to RAMP Construction for $680,102.51 on October 14, 2022 and completed on August 22, 2023. Architect Dan Macek from Canzian Johnston & Associates oversaw the project with the assistance of RACW staff – Canon Apartments Superintendent Ed Wiltrout, the late Crest Avenue Apartments Superintendent Don Campbell, Housing Facilities Coordinator Tammy Mayton, and Senior Housing Director Janelle Yamber.

Canon Apartments was a ballasted roof replaced by new EPDM roofing material. Crest Avenue Apartments went from a flat rubber roof to new EPDM as well. EPDM is a synthetic rubber roof system that is extremely durable. The architect specifically noted that the replacement roofing consisted of a new vapor barrier that would also act as a temporary roof, tapered polyisocyanurate insulation for an effective R-value of above 30 and a 60 mil EPDM roof membrane in a completely adhered system.  To add longevity and further resistance to water infiltration, the existing coping caps were surmounted by new nailers so that the membrane could be continuous, up the parapet, then over and down the face of the new nailers.  A new metal roof edge and fascia was then used to finish the installation. With the Authority, Architect, and Roofing Contractor working together, both roofs garnered 20-year warranties with windspeeds up to 72 miles per hour.